Sound Anchor Stands

I'm considering Sound Anchors stands for my new Pulsars. They have a top plate which bolts in to the holes in the bottom of the speaker. Blu-tak is not necessary and stability is enhanced. Since they are metal stands, can the bottom of the speaker be damaged by placing it on the metal top plate directly? I was told that wrapping clear packing tape around the top plate would work, but I don't know. Any thoughts or suggestions?
i had a set of custom Sound Anchors for my Apogee and the factory was very helpful- call them

on  many Vandersteen models, Soundanchors bolt to the bottom and or back, albeit to unfinished wood, not sure that reaction you might get to a finish....again, call Sound Anchor

awesome stands BTW
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Most Sound Anchors come with blue Acoustech sorbothane pads. That's what I use with my Spendors. I've tried other materials and didn't like the sound as much. 
Congratulations on the Pulsars.  I heard them at T.H.E. Show in Newport.  They have a big sound for a small speaker.  Very impressive.

Under my monitors on Sound Anchor stands, I use 1/2 of an upside down Symposium Rollerblock Jr clamshell w/tungsten ball. (3/speaker).  It improves PRaT - especially percussion. Blu-Tack muted the leading edge too much for me. Living in Southern California, it’s interesting to watch the monitors rock & roll - literally - during an earthquake.  They've never fallen over.   Of course, this approach wouldn't be a good idea with kids in the house.
The Sound Anchors are great stands I also recommend them. My AN speakers don't bolt so just using four small blobs of Blu-tak. They will make your Pulsars sound even better.
@jond ... I'm really looking forward to putting the Pulsars on the SA stands. They sound so great now, but if they're gonna sound even better with the SAs (as you say), then it's gonna be wild. Talk about audio nirvana.
My new SA Signature stands for Aerial LR5s have a separate (quite heavy) plate that bolts onto the speaker bottom and then the plate bolts to the top plate of the stand.

There are two reasons for this separate plate. First, the threaded holes in the bottom of the speaker are unfortunately positioned to conflict with the large'ish vertical posts on the stands and second, the LR5s are meant to be tilted back a small amount so the mfg provides a small gold-plated cone to position between the plate on the bottom of the speaker and the top plate of the stand.  Since the stand bolts to the plate, even with the cone in-place, you can have a very solid stand-speaker connection even with the speaker angle raked back somewhat.  

I do not use the cone to angle back the speaker since i am able to get the angle I need by adjusting the footers at the bottoms of the stands.  Therefore, the two plates are tight together in my set-up.  

To your question, I believe SA provided me some blue (sorbathane?) pads to place between the bottom of the speaker and the "floating" plate.  I believe I actually used some denser material (i.e., small round pads) from edenSound or maybe from Herbies since I don't  like squishy footers like the blue stuff that came from SA.  I can't remember which, but I think maybe I used the thin dots made from dbNeutralizer (Herbies), or it could have been isodamp  material provided by edenSound - but I think I used the Herbies stuff.
Bought my SA stands 27 yrs ago when I bought my Spendor S100's!  When I bought them they didn't come with any 'badges' or anything.  Last year I contacted SA and asked about purchasing a set of badges for my stands.  The lady was very kind and told me to simply send a picture of my stands, which I did and she than sent me the badges, free!

Originally bought targets best stand...there descent...moved up to sound anchor for atc 19’s...They are the best (imho)...The small sorbethane adds barely nothing to tone...tried several of the "best" recommended and meh...back to original...he had it right.

They will protect you speakers too.

SA also builds stands for Vandersteen, Eminent Technology, and Magneplanar speakers. Great company and products!
I used Sound Anchor stands with Joseph Audio Pulsars. They are the best stands I have used, or even seen for that matter. I attached the plate to the bottom of the Pulsars. This is a solid attachment. Place some felt or something between the two if you like, but once attached, the plate will not move. I doubt you will ever detach the plate because you will sell the stands with the speakers, if you ever sell them. 
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The best option are Atacama Non-Slip Gel pads. Works perfect with
Sound Anchors stand.
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I just received the SA stands. A "hardware pack" for each speaker comes with two allen wrenches and two small black bolts which, I presume, bolt into the two screw holes on the front bottom of the speakers. Another "hardware pack" comes with the jam nuts, washers, spikes, and four larger black bolts. I don’t know where these larger black bolts screw in. Any ideas? I have sent an email to Sound Anchors on this, but thought maybe someone might have a quick answer. Thanks.
I am seriously considering the soundanchor stands (803-804NSD)for my B&W 803d2's. The stands come with blu-tak to assure the speaker does get damaged however I am considering using felt IN ADDITION to the tak which I will say is more to secure the speaker to the stand. I am not sure which stand you are buying or by this time have already purchased BUT if you are concerned fear not and add the felt.
I am very particular about my equipment and the "caring factor" is 24-7
i hope you were satisfied with the stands.