Kharma or Avalon

I found a set of Kharma Ceramique 3.0 and a pair of Avalon Avatars for nearly the same price.
I have an Aragon 8008 BB power amp,Rega cd player.I am auditioning the Conrad-Johnson pv 12 and the Rogue Audio 66
tube preamps.Any input on these speakers with these electronics?
I have the Kharma Ceramique 2.0's with a Rega Planet and Cary tube electronics. It is very musical and the imaging & soundstage is the best I have heard at any price. Everyone who has heard the system wants to buy a pair of Kharmas. I have not heard Avalon speakers so I cannot comment on them. What I can say is that you cannot go wrong with Kharmas.
the avatars are really nice for a small two-way floorstander. i almost bought a pair but went with the arcus instead. never heard the kharmas tho...

one thing my experience, the avalons seem to lean towards the analytical end of the spectrum, especially with some SS amps. i use tubes (pre and power) to add musicality. your front end will make a BIG difference on the overall sound of the avatars.
I agree wholeheartedly with S2k dude. If you're going with either the Avalons or the Kharmas I would seriously consider replacing the Aragon. In my experience, Both are fantastic speakers but only when partnered with the right electronics. If you're leaning towards tube gear I would go with the Kharmas. They are an easier load that the Avalons.
Guess two other members beat me to the punch. As always, great speakers only sound so,so with so,so electronics.
 Avalon Opus w/ 6" sub firing down. Have had them 14 years now. 12 years with Spectral / MIT system. Drive by Pass Lab XA160.8s and XP20 now. Maybe, MAYBE a pair of Rockports would convince me to change. The Avalons will  also reflect your choice of front ends. They do like power, to make them sing. Very musical with Pass.